Ever feel like your life is about to change just by sitting in an audience? Word, me too. || Booty Candy at Playwrights Horizons, so excited ^.^ #Praiseallthisart #Mylifeisyourrecreation #BootyCandy

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Me and my photo at the #GAP popup shop today. I cut off my face but you pretty much know what it looks like by now lol . Come by and take a selfie with “me” at 87 Havemeyer St in bklyn until 7pm tonight ^.^ #dressnormalbklyn #GAP #dressnormalproject

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thanks GAP! #GAP #dressnormalbklyn #dressnormalproject

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So here’s the reveal ladies and gents! This is one of my shots from the GAP Dress Normal Campaign! Ah it’s so unreal,but dangit, it’s realler than real!
Photo Credit: The amazing Karston Tannis

#Dressnormalproject #TheGAP #GAP #Amen #skinnywashere

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Its all for shaddow.|| Cab from the Time Square Westin Hotel. ^.^ #TheRevealQueen #Lookouttodaythough

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Performing at Pace University tonight, but if you can’t be there, check my face out w/ Mahogany Browne & Malcolm Wicks on “Dream School”, Sundances original hit. So moving, such an awesome movement! || Tonight 10pm!

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Yo ,Pace U! Come out and rock with me and some amazing women! Tell ya friends,tell ya man’s and them, tell bae. 9pm #Allgoldeverythingtour #Herstory #TahaniSalah #NicholeAcosta #EstephaniaNunez

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That’s Ike. Sometimes he loves me, sometimes he gets chicken with other biddies. lol ^.^ #imcuterthanhimanywaysoo #PaintandPoetry #playbae #IkeNoTina

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Front row to MuMs’ show, “Sucker Emcee” at the Lab! Hip-hop and theatre are my two biggest passions,so I am in love.! #LabyrinthTheater #MuMs #SuckerEmcee

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They like me, they really like me! Lol || Praises to those who keep you humble, loved and going ^.^ #numberonefan #loveher #Mariah

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Tonight! James Madison University, yall boutta get all my Beyoncé ^.^ #JMU #AllGoldEverythingTour #Virginia

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I’ve been so swamped with life, I almost forgot to tell you all about my tour ! #AllGoldEverythingTour ! Tonight I hit my first stop, James Madison University in Virginia, headlining with some really amazing humans ! I’m so excited and so very,very ready to give all my brown girl testimonals. #Amen #JMU

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For our boys. #Ferguson #Nationalmomentofsilence #unionsquare

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For my followers who dont have me on the FayBoo, the reveals gets to you late. lol but here it is ! #Reveal2 || Thank you all for your constant encouragement, you always make me feel like my dreams are so close, and I’m beginning to too. ^.^ #August7th #girlyousoorange #Howtherevealstillgottaberevealedtho lol

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#tbt of my first film, “The Lost Book of Rap” ! The reveal is today and almost here! Aw heck, maybe I will just reveal more than one thing tonight ;) t-minus…

tbt, .
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