The Cool. #TheStandard

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August will sun. #yellow

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Rooftop things with the high and mighty.

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Leg day. 18th floor. Pool.

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I forgot a few El bee es’s. #bouttachiselthesecheekbones

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The Wonder Under The Wheel. #Sekani #Coney

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Featuring at the Legendary Nuyorican Poets Café tonight! || Showtime is 10pm but arrive early, seats fill up fast! MAD LOVE YALL ! ♡ #blessingsoverstressing #igotthatnewnewforya

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Let’s get it ! #theturnup

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When I’m not reading books..

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So Im a starving artist and student but wanna see me win the Will & Jada Smith Scholarship and perform at the Kennedy Center?! Then vote for my spoken word video! (Links also in my bio) mad love yall, thank you for your constant support! - http://www.raiseupproject.org/contest-entries/ashley-august/

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Greetings to all of my lovely followers! So y’all know a sista broke right?! I’m a starving artist but also a devastatingly hungry college student. I’m in the running to win the Will and Jada Smith Educational Scholarship through the Raise Up Project, for 5Gs! The 2nd round of voting is done by Common, Dule Hill, Rosario Dawson, Russell Simmons and more! All you got to do now is click open this link, hit the heart to vote for my poem via email or Facebook (or both if you love me!)! And that is it! :) 

Thanks for your constant support my loves <3

-Mad Love, August

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+ [16-6-14] - A setting (Brooklyn) Sun.

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Summer has arrived


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Backstage selfless, selfie with the Family ♡ #meanmugginglikewhat #justwordstour

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